This is an attempt to throw certain words that mean (or meant) something to me out on to the Internet in an attempt to allow others who share some of the same memories I do to find me. Unfortunately, this is the same type of thing that spam sites do in an effort to have their site show up in lists returned by various search engines, engines that are being tweaked to defeat this type of "key word trolling." In other words, I hope this works.

Where's Brainiac?

IRC #Teens_N_Stuff _Lisa_ Anothernet Bix black_tar BlueHazel Brainiac gyps Jenn locutusss Nee nikiii ninaa NNitro Sorcerynet Smylie spud stealth Sweet TheGuy Xero #WarFactory Centriol Samey ShermanOaks Storm^King Yonkey Zodiac1 ^FLY^ `Jenkins |r4v3n| ShieldScript §hield§cript
Asheron's Call Jijuah Zinnji Dorsai Shan
Aliens vs. Predator 2 WeedWhacker (rawr) The Tool Shed
America's Army: Operations WeedWhacker WeedWhackah
Battlefield 2142 OlOneLeg
Counter-Strike Xtreme Chaos WeedWhacker 777 Crono DarkLich DarkOneFX Exorcist Havoc Smokebomb SoulOwner Shafty thebud Nemesis Vegeta ("Clan" names: [xc]777 [xc]Crono [xc]DarkLich [xc]DarkOneFX [xc]Exorcist [xc]Havoc [xc]Smokebomb [xc]SoulOwner [xc]Shafty [xc]thebud [xc]Nemesis [xc]Vegeta [xc]WeedWhacker )
FurryMUCK Arach
Heavy Gear II WeedWhacker (Heavy Gear 2 saved game files, directories, etc.)
Terminus Anonymouse
Tremulous WeedWhacker
SWAT 4 WeedWhacker
Xfire weedwhacker0

Date changed: 20150103